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What are PSI-Panels?

Our ability to ensure an optimal fit to the Saddle Support Area of the horse has been taken to the next level with our PSI Panel System! We can distribute the weight of the rider and saddle in this area much better, while even reducing the pressure per square inch to well below-accepted industry standards. This is especially ideal for horses with a smaller saddle support area with today’s riders. Reducing the pressure per square inch helps maximize the horse’s development and performance while ensuring a pain-free ride.
We are well ahead of the industry in our ability to fit all shapes and sizes of horses and riders with a variety of models, fully adjustable trees and various panel configurations. Our panel designs allow us to fit all saddle support areas and wither confirmations, while still ensuring the rider has the appropriate seat size. Accommodating the continuing shortening of the horse’s back (as a result of breeding trends) has made ‘saddle fit’ a true combination of art and science.

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