Pony Saddle


Ponysattel Trolli

SCHLEESE's pony and small horse saddle. Something big for the little ones! The Jumping – Pony Saddle is fully adaptable in tree angle and tree width for any necessary changes for riders and pony.

Pony saddle Trolli - Details

Seat size 14, 14.5, 15, 15.5
Color Black, Brown

Various seam colors and piping seam colors

Seat Mean seat depth
Centered seat weight
Seat Waist narrow
Pillion ½ integrated wool pillion with shoulder freedom
Girth Strap System Integrated 5-point harness system
Rolls Velcro rolls in various designs
Features Suitable for ponies and small horses as well as children
Round boaster and dressage saddle leaves
Ponysattel Trolli

Seat Sizes



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