Anne Myrvoll began riding when she was 11 years old, but was never really interested in competing. Her interests have always been around keeping her horse healthy and sound in a natural way. In 2012 she was introduced to Dr. Joanna Robson, DVM, at an Equine Thermography course, who introduced her to a whole new level of saddle fitting and horse health.

From then on she began to work with Equine IR and realized that there was a need to find saddles which fit better. In 2013 she attended the international course with Saddlefit 4 Life® in Germany and became a Certified-Saddle-Ergonomist (CSE) in Sweden later that year.

Anne continues to work with infrared imaging on both humans and horses, following the Saddlefit 4 Life® philosophy all over Scandinavia, Norway, and Denmark.


Anne Myrvoll

Maridalsveien 447
0890 Oslo 
Telefon: +47 917 17 419
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