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Schleese - Care

SCHLEEESE manufactures riding saddles that are designed to be adapted to the horse's anatomy by certified saddle ergonomists. This is done with the utmost care and always ensures optimal freedom of movement for horse and rider.

Clear advantages for your SCHLEESE - Saddle

When you put the SCHLEESE - Saddle on your horse, the front of the panels should sit comfortably against the back of the shoulders so that the girth straps drop down in the narrowest part of the girth area. The front edge of the pillow fits snugly against the shoulders without restricting freedom of movement. The locating shoe is set back 2.5 cm.
  • Patented AdapTree® with fully adjustable gullet plate, which can be adjusted to the horse in angle and width on-site
  • Wide channel for a healthy back with more spine freedom
  • Wide panel support surface for optimal pressure distribution and more freedom of movement
  • Shoulder cut-back in the cushion to prevent damage to the scapula cartilage


To preserve the beauty of your SCHLEESE saddle's leather, we recommend the following simple steps:

  • Remove dirt and sweat after each use with warm water
  • Verwenden Sie Kernseife zur Reinigung Ihres Sattels. Entfernen Sie die Seife mit warmem Wasser.
  • Apply leather grease to restore the leather's moisture. We recommend the saddle grease specially developed for SCHLEESE leather - use leather oil very sparingly.
  • Lagern Sie den Sattel möglichst bei Raum-temperatur mit 30-40% Luftfeuchtigkeit, um die Geschmeidigkeit
    des Leders zu erhalten und Trockenheit und Schimmel vorzubeugen.

The Schleese warranty

Your SCHLEESE saddle is unique. At Schleese, we make our products by hand according to the highest quality standards and use only the highest quality leathers. All products are subject to the strictest quality controls. We give a two-year guarantee on all leather and processing parts - under normal using conditions. Leather is a natural product - we cannot accept responsibility for natural differences in colour and material. We recommend an annual inspection of the tree, spring steel, seat of the head iron and padding by a SCHLEESE Saddle Ergonomist. To maintain warranty and fit, all service work should only be carried out by a certified Saddle Ergonomist authorised by Schleese.



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