SCHLEESE Sättel sind besser als jeder Maßsattel, denn unsere Sättel werden nicht nur nach einer sehr gründlichen Analyse und Vermessung durch unsere nach der S4L- Philosophie* ausgebildeten Sattel-Ergonome einmalig auf Reiter und Pferd angepasst. Sie sind ein Pferdelebenlang anpassbar. Da Ihr Pferd und auch Sie sich z.B. durch Training, Wachstum, etc. verändern, empfehlen wir eine regelmäßige Sattelprüfung und ggf. auch Nachjustierung mit dem SCHLEESE Sattel-Ergonom Ihres Vertrauens.

All Schleese pillions have a special shoulder back cut. This way, the shoulder blade of the horse can move under the saddle without disturbing the biomechanics of the horse in its movement through the rider. Thus, the horse can use its full shoulder mobility and can also move the entire forehand without any restriction when riding.
The SCHLEESE saddle ergonomists, which have adapted your saddle when you bought it, have been tested and certified by Saddlefit4Life and are re-certified every two years. All SCHLEESE saddle ergonomists are trained in horse and rider anatomy and biomechanics. Thus, we guarantee a reliable fitting of a SCHLEESE saddle based on a detailed 80 point S4L saddle fit evaluation. We entrust the SCHLEESE saddle fit exclusively to regularly recertified saddle ergonomists.
There are many factors to consider when trying to find the right saddle. What style do I ride, how tall am I, how tall is my horse, what do we want to achieve together, how old is my horse, etc.? All these points and about 75 more are decisive for finding the right saddle. Our specially trained S4L horse ergonomists checks every initial analysis together with our certified S4L saddle ergonomist on site. On this appointment, we carry out a comprehensive static and dynamic analysis together with you in the stable and according to your horse’s movement. Please feel free to contact us or our local partner to arrange an appointment to find the perfect saddle for you and your horse. All our partners are trained according to the S4L philosophy and can be found here: Schleese Partner Schleese partner
With a SCHLEESE saddle, we also find solutions for horses with very difficult saddle positions. One of our experienced partners and S4L saddle ergonomists first have to get a personal image of the current situation. For this, we ask you to arrange an appointment, so that we can find a solution together. Please contact us or one of our SCHLEESE partners near you via our SCHLEESE website. We are looking forward to your inquiry.
We attach great importance to a correct saddle fit, your lifelong satisfaction and a tailor-made saddle adapted to your horse and your requirements. That is why it is essential for you and your horse to take measurements on site. Only a S4L certified saddle ergonomist can determine which saddle and which saddle design fits you and your horse best. In addition, you can customize your saddle yourself by choosing e.g. various leather versions, color, colored seams, piping and other details. This is why you cannot order a SCHLEESE saddle online.

Die Schleese GmbH verkauft Sättel an von Ihr ausgebildete Sattel Ergonome. Alle Schleese Sättel können ein Leben lang 100% nach der S4L Methode angepasst werden. Die Passform und die Anpassung Ihres Sattels unterliegen jedoch ausschließlich der Fähigkeit und Fertigkeit des Sattel Ergonoms. Alle Sattel Ergonome arbeiten auf selbständiger Basis und führen ein unabhängiges Unternehmen. Bei Fragen rund um Ihren SCHLEESE Sattel, als auch bei Fragen oder Unsicherheiten zu der Anpassung eines SCHLEESE Sattels, wenden Sie sich bitte immer zunächst an Ihren Sattel Ergonom. Sollte es hier zu Fragen kommen, dann kann sich der Sattel Ergonom jederzeit an die Firma Schleese wenden, um von unserem Saddlefit 4 life Lehr-Team Unterstützung zu erhalten. Selbstverständlich können auch Sie als Kunde, sich an uns wenden. Gemeinsam mit dem Sattel Ergonom und unseren Trainern unterstützt die Firma den Schleese Sattel Ergonom und Sie bei Antworten zu Ihrem Sattel. Damit jedoch eine optimale Unterstützung erfolgen kann, brauchen wir die gesamte, verlässliche Saddlefit 4 Life (r) Dokumentation.

The Schleese saddles are without question in one of the higher price ranges, because they also perform very well. SCHLEESE saddles are available in different price categories and designs. For all SCHLEESE saddles, we guarantee the highest quality for saddle fit and processing. To determine an exact price, it is best to contact a SCHLEESE saddle ergonomist near you. You can find them here: Schleese partner
Are there special models for men?

Of course, we also offer special saddle solutions for men. Depending on the shape of your pelvis and your body, special seat curves can be made to measure for men. To find the right SCHLEESE saddle for you as a man, we recommend that you make an appointment with a SCHLEESE saddle ergonomist near you. You will find our partners trained according to the S4L philosophy here: Schleese partner

To preserve the beauty of your SCHLEESE saddle's leather, we recommend the following simple steps:

  • Remove dirt and sweat after each use with warm water
  • Use glycerine soap to clean your saddle after every 3rd - 5th use and remove the soap with warm water.
  • Apply leather grease to restore the moisture content of the leather. We recommend a pure fat without additives, such as beeswax
  • Only use very little leather oil. Please do not use any mixed products.
  • If possible, store the saddle at room temperature with 30-40% humidity to maintain the suppleness of the leather and to prevent dryness and mildew.