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saddle ergonomist

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Your personality and experiences

  • Do you love horses and have experience as a rider?
  • Do you enjoy working in active contact with people and horses?
  • Do you have a good grasp?
  • Do you have a skilled hand?
  • Can you imagine to be independent?
  • Do you work independently on a solid commercial basis?
  • Are you mobile and independent and do you like to travel?
  • Do you have a confident, winning appearance?
  • Do you appreciate teamwork?
  • Do you see your job as a calling and are you open to new ideas?

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Become a partner

Successful training, qualification and final certification as a saddle ergonomist according to Saddlefit 4 Life® is a prerequisite for independent cooperation with us. Our company is known for the fact that our partners are the best qualified and trained specialists in the field of saddle fitting worldwide.
A saddle ergonomist accompanies a rider throughout his or her life when it comes to saddle fitting. This means a first-class service concept with certified saddle ergonomists, who continuously harmonize horse and rider for their health benefit.
We work exclusively with the renowned and world-renowned Saddlefit 4 Life® (S4L) Academy The unique S4L philosophy focuses on the health and protection of horses and riders to prevent long-term damage: extensive knowledge of physiognomy, anatomy and ergonomics is taught in theory and practice in an academic curriculum based on sound scientific findings.

Schleese Sattel Karriere Pferd Vermessen

Step 1

Equine ergonomist

In the advanced training as an equine ergonomist, a basic knowledge is imparted in theoretical and practical modules. The goal of this training concept is to recognize the connections between incorrectly fitted saddles and the diverse health damages and behavioral reactions of horses. The segments consist of theoretical-scientific elements in the seminar room and practical exercises and applications on various horses. The training as an equine ergonomist qualifies the participant to work in an advisory capacity in riding stables in cooperation with a certified SCHLEESE saddle ergonomist.

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Step 2

saddle ergonomist

In order to be able to correctly adjust SCHLEESE saddles to riders and horses on-site, a further training as a saddle ergonomist is required. The training is carried out by certified Schleese Saddle Ergonomists and Jochen Schleese, founder of the S4L Academy.
Contents of the practical training are, for example, the work with the special saddle tree adjusting machine, as well as some sewing works and an extensive stuffing training. In addition, you will assist a saddle ergonomist on at least 80 horses. Full training as a saddler is not necessary for the competent sale and fitting of SCHLEESE saddles. Entrepreneurial career changers with manual skills, a love of horses and riding, and an active approach to people who see their job as a calling, can become very successful at SCHLEESE.


As a saddle ergonomist and thanks to the contact with your customers, you'll determine how the saddle and the training level of horse and rider currently fit together and where corrections are needed. (More about saddle fitting)
An initial analysis on site is the ideal starting point for determining the optimal saddle for horse and rider and your sale of a new SCHLEESE saddle. You decide on-site, whether the existing saddle can be optimized or whether you and your customer order a new SCHLEESE saddle individually manufactured in our manufactory.
Your cooperation with the customer goes beyond the delivery of the new SCHLEESE saddle with the goal of a long-term and valuable and loyal customer relationship. Your task is the regular saddle check - at least once a year - of the the SCHLEESE saddle. You will carry this out independently and at your own expense with your customer on site.

Team spirit

We support you in the development of your new activity through our SCHLEESE team, which advises you on all questions and helps you in a competent and customer-oriented way. You are part of a network with your colleagues, the SCHLEESE saddle ergonomistswho support each other, give a great importance to team spirit and work closely together. We offer you regular meetings, trainings and the possibility to participate in trade fairs and equestrian events. We support you in the development of SCHLEESE product know-how, practical activities with horse and rider as well as important topics such as commercial independence, dealing with customers and self-organization.

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