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Continuum DIY Hybrid Dressage

The „Continuum“ is our „Virtual Custom Fit System“ (VCFS) Dressage Saddle with the Hybrid-PanelAfter years of development and testing, this is the most exciting dressage saddle we have ever produced. The test results are unimaginable with the weight dispersing benefits of the Hybrid-Panel that allow you to feel one with the horse’s back.

The Continuum is made with high-quality European Soft Leather and is available in a double flap and offers a variety of size options, thigh block options and configurations to best accommodate your measurements.

Our new VCFS Line uses ourour Q-AdapTreewith infinite adjustability,the the PSI technology and our patented „Crotch-Comfort“-Zonethat has made us the choice of women around the world. In this fast-changing world, we now live in, it’s more important than ever that you have options. Our number one concern is the comfort of you and your horse.

With the newVirtual Custom Fit Systemyou and your horse can always ride pain-free.


The Virtual Custom Fit System is a system where we can effectively and confidently assist you in adjusting your saddle anywhere at any time worldwide!Our system is so unique in that it includes five new exciting features, our Patent Pending 3P Gullet Plate,Patent Pending CB Stirrup Bar,IP or Hybrid panel option and TruForm Fitting PadTruForm Fitting Pad all that allow this to truly be a Virtual Custom Fit System. You will receive our unique measuring toolwith your saddle which will assist you in taking precise measurements of your horse. You will then easily be able to fit your saddle with support from our Saddle Fit Experts.

Dressage Saddle Details

Seat size 16“, 16,5“, 17“, 17,5“, 18“, 18,5“
Color Black, brown, cognac and chestnut

Various stitching and welting colours

Seat Seat designed for the Female or Male Pelvic Axis.
Panel TruForm Pad – White (plain), White with fleece trim, Black, Black with fleece trim
Girthing The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree, Variations of billet styles are available – please inquire.
Rolls Standard – KN Thigh Blocks
Choice of Creeky, Wave, 2.5cm Wedge, 4.0 cm Wedge, Remonte.
Features Double flap only. Combination of Premium European Soft Leather and Buffalo Leather



Continuum DIY Hybrid Dressage

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