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Dressursattel ProLigth

With the ProLight dressage saddle you will be as close to the horse as never before! This innovative SCHLEESE saddle is not only particularly light, but also makes you feel unprecedentedly close to your horse due to its very soft seat and the extra narrow turn. Thanks to the SCHLEESE PSI Panel with shoulder back cut, the horse’s shoulders have absolutely no restriction of movement. At the same time, it ensures an optimal and long-lasting pressure distribution along the saddle contact surface. The pressure per square inch is kept so low that the muscles can develop optimally during riding. This makes it one of the first English saddles to keep the pressure on the horse's back very low and yet ensures the closest riding experience for the rider.

Dressage Saddle Details

Seat size 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18
Color Black, Brown, Two-colored (Black and one brown color, such as: Brown, Chestnut, Caramel)

Various stitching and welting colours

Seat Available with two different seat depths
Seat Waist Available in very narrow, narrow and normal
Panel Independent ¾ or ½ panels with shoulder freedom and independent welding flap

PSI Panels

Girthing Integrated 5-point harness system
Rolls Velcro thigh rolls in various designs
Features Also available as mono flap

The best choice for both men and women due to many different waist styles.

Dressursattel ProLigth

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