Jumping Saddle


Springsattel Jete

The Jeté jumping saddle is perfect for the big jumping sport. With a particularly flat seat curve and SCHLEESE pillion with shoulder back cut, this saddle allows perfect jumps for horse and rider. The Jeté can be adjusted in tree angle and width according to anatomical needs on site.

Jumping Saddle Jeté - Details

Seat size 16,16.5,17,17.5
Color Black, Brown, Two-Colored (Brown, Chestnut, Caramel)

Various seam colors and piping seam colors

Seat Shallow seat depth with balance point at the front
Seat Waist narrow
Pillion Independent ¾ or ½ pillion with shoulder freedom and independent welding leaf

Available as traditional wool pillion or PSI pillion

Girth Strap System Integrated 3-point harness system
Rolls Velcro rolls in various designs
Features Various cantle heights and balance points
Springsattel Jete

Seat Sizes



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