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Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop Springsattel

To celebrate the beginning of summer and in order to have a lot of fun while jumping
during this season, we would like to recommend you our
Lindy Hop jumping saddle, which you can order until 21st September
with a special discount.

As all Schleese saddles, the Lindy Hop is characterised by the perfect connection between
rider and horse. Due to the unique jumping saddle design, it provides excellent support
over the jump.

To give your horse unrestricted freedom over the jump, the Lindy Hop also
counts with panels with shoulder relief, which allows
the rotation of your horse's shoulder optimally.

 In addition, you can have your Lindy Hop with the revolutionary PSI-Pannels
system. Our PSI panels distribute the weight optimally on the horse's
back and can even reduce the pressure per square centimetre
to far below the accepted industry standard.

 In order to maintain the fun of jumping and cross-country riding, the Lindy Hop is
adjustable in tree angle and width. This allows us to optimally meet the current
anatomical needs of your horse and avoid long-term damage
from a saddle.

Jump into the summer NOW! 

Order your Lindy Hop and get 15% discount! 

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Jumping Saddle Lindy Hop - Details

Seat size 17, 17.5, 18

Black, Brown, Two-Colored (Caramel, Brown)

Seat Medium seat depth with centered balance point
Seat Waist narrow

Independent ¾ PSI-pillion with shoulder freedom and independent welding leaf

Mit PSI-Kissen erhältlich

Girthing Integrated 3-point harness system
Rolls Velcro thigh rolls in various designs

Jumping, Off-road

Lindy Hop Springsattel

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15% Rabatt

Jetzt unser Springsattel Lindy Hop über einen unserer Sattelergonomen bestellen und 15% Rabatt erhalten!