Versatile Saddle

Light Flight Mono


The Light Flight Mono saddle is the XC edition of the Light Flight. It is a BiNate-Line saddle and one of the latest innovation in the saddle industry. This saddle meets the needs of any eventing or cross-country rider. The new saddle tree and the revolutionary PSI panel system allows you to sit “into” the horse, rather than “on top of” the horse, for an extremely close contact feel. This special tree and panel construction obtains a long-lasting distribution of pressure.

Versatile Saddle Light Flight Mono - Details

Seat size 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18
Color Black, Brown, Two-Colored (Brown, Chestnut, Caramel)

Various seam colors and piping seam colors

Seat Flache Sitztiefe mit nach vorne gelagertem Sitzschwerpunkt
Seat Waist narrow
Pillion Independent ¾ or ½ PSI-pillion with shoulder freedom and independent welding leaf

Available as PSI-Pillow

Girth Strap System Integrated 5-point harness system
Rolls Velcro rolls in various designs
Features Monotree

Seat Sizes





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