Western Saddle


Westernsattel Devin

The SCHLEESE Devin western saddle. This “Wundersattel” is one of the lightest western saddles on the market and is just as adaptable to the anatomy of horse and rider as all SCHLEESE saddles. The seat curve as well as the pillion, the channel and the adjustment of the saddle are possible on site via Velcro. Under the guidance of a saddle ergonomist, you can also use one Devin saddle for several horses. However, this is only possible after detailed instructions have been provided by one of our partners.

Western saddle Devin - Details

Seat size 15, 16
Color Black, Brown, Chestnut, Nature

Various hallmarks and patterns

Seat With different seat inlays which are adjustable by Velcro
Seat Waist variable
Panel Pillions available in various materials

Adjustable with Velcro

Extra inlays for a perfect and changeable fit

Girthing Available with Western or English belting
Features The Devin is very versatile. Ride in any style – from trail riding to western riding.

Due to the convenient Velcro adjustments, the Devin saddle can also be used for several horses.

Westernsattel Devin

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