Revolutionary PSI pillion system

Revolutionary PSI pillion system

PSI Kissen System

In our constant effort for innovation and commitment to bring the most advanced and scientifically supported products on the market, we introduce our revolutionary PSI Pillion System. We combine the knowledge of the past with the demands of the future and create an unprecedented feeling of contact between rider and horse. 


With the PSI Pillion System, our possibilities for an optimal adaptation to horse and rider have reached an entirely new level. A pressure-reducing element increases the maximum load capacity and, at the same time, creates a very tight turn for the rider. Wrapped in a unique blue carbon fiber material, the PSI pillion is revolutionary in innovation. This is why the measured values are far below the industry accepted values of pressure per square inch.
This is particularly important for horses with a short saddle contact surface. Sattelauflagefläche ist dies ganz besonders wichtig.
The low pressure per square inch enables an optimal development of the horse with an absolutely painless riding experience.